Warner Launches Startup Accelerator In Los Angeles

It looks like there's a new startup accelerator in town today: MediaCamp, an entertainment-focused startup acceleration program backed by Turner Broadcasting, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment. According to Warner Bros., its Media Camp accelerator program wil lbe launching in Los Angeles, to help early stage companies create "disruptive innovations" in entertainment.

According to Warner Bros., its 12 week program will provide mentorship, insights, and access to executives at Turner Broadcasting brands--including CNN, TNT, HLN, Cartoon Network and TBS--plus financial incentives to startups, with the first Academy happening sometime this spring. MediaCamp says its interests in startups include everything from startups helping to enhance the value of digital ownership and content; help transform what it means to be a fan; that tap into the value of data and recommendations; and new technologies for content production.

The accelerator actually has been running a program in San Francisco, however, it looks like Warner Bros. has realized that much of the activity in startups related to content is centered closer to Hollywood and Southern California's entertainment industry. Warner said the effort will kick off with a series of networking events this spring.