VC Investments in Startups Hits High

The National Venture Capital Association / PricewaterhouseCoopers MoneyTree report was released today, confirming yesterday's Ernst & Young LLP and VentureOne venture capital results. According to the NVCA, the survey found $6.3 billion in venture capital deals. There was some good news for startups in the survey, which found that first-time funding was at a high. According to the survey, there were 282 companies receiving $1.3 billion in first-time funding last quarter, which is the highest level of first-time funding in five years. The MoneyTree survey also found that software, energy, and biotech attracted the highest level of first-time dollars in Q2, along with investment interest in Media/Entertainment, Telecom, and Medical devices. PwC and the NVCA have not yet released local data from its survey.