THQ Sets Sale Of Remaining Games

Agoura Hills-based videogame maker THQ--or at least, what's left of THQ--released the details of how it plans to sell its remaining intellectual property late Tuesday, saying it expects to complete the bidding and sale of the properties by mid-May. According to THQ, it has split its remaining IP into six lots, including Darksiders; Red Faction; Homeworld; MX; a batch of other owned software including Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner, and more; and a batch of licensed software, including Marvel Super Hero, Supreme Commander, Worms, and others.

THQ said it has so far received more than 100 expressions of interest in purchasing various titles, and claimed that it expects to see a "vigorous" sale. The company said biders have until April 1st to submit a bid and other documentation. THQ sold the rest of its studios and games in a deal last month, worth $72M. The sale of THQ comes after the company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 19th.