Tech Coast Angels: Biggest Q2 Ever For Deals

The Tech Coast Angels, Southern California's most active organized angel group,said today that it had its most active Q2, and had a record number of deals and dollars invested in the quarter. The group said it invested a total of $4,546,338 in 17 total deals in Q2 2015, the most invested since the group's inception in 1997. The TCA said that it also had a five exits in the quarter, of CRISI Medical Systems, Mindbody, Olive Medical, Thermark and WiSpry. New companies in the group's investment portfolio included Beatshare, Cloudbeds, Doctible, everyStory, Korner, NabThat, and Playlist Media, Scent Solutions, and Twigtale. The Tech Coast Angels are not only Southern California's biggest investment group, but also one of the most active groups nationwide.