TaxJar Gets $600,000 For Sales Tax Software

San Diego-based TaxJar, a developer of online software which helps manage sales tax payments for online retailers, said this morning that it has raised $600,000 from angel investors. TaxJar said that the angels involved in the seed funding included Dan Rose (VP Partnerships, Facebook), Harris Barton (H Barton Asset Management), Roy Rubin (Co-founder, Magento), as well as others. TaxJar offers up a cloud-based product which helps automate sales tax handling for sellers selling on such sites as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, PayPal, BigCommerce, and Etsy, helping those sellers manage sales tax reporting and compliance for states and other local governments. The company is led by Mark Faggiano, who said the company's products help relieve the huge headache of sales tax administration and compliance for online, small businesses. More information »