RealD, Regal Entertainment In Expanded 3D Rollout

Los Angeles-based RealD, the provider of 3D movie projection technology, and Real Entertainment Group said today that the two have made a major expansion in their 3D rollout plans. The two said that they have agreed to add up to 1,500 additional RealD, 3D-enabled screen across Regal Entertainment Group's theatre circuit. The deal doubles the number of screens under contract with Regal Entertainment, from an earlier May 2008 contract. Financial details of the expansion were not announced. Regal had earlier planned to install 1,500 RealD 3D enabled screens in its chain; the new agreement calls for 3,000 RealD screens. Regal Entertainment said the expansion comes because it is seeing high demand from moviegoers for RealD's 3D; it also allows Regal to have more than a single 3D film in its cinemas. Limited 3D theater capacity has been a major issue in 3D film release over the last year, as studios have scrambled to make sure their films are able to play on limited 3D screen space.