Palisades Venture Capital Mystery Solved

The true origins of funding in two, Los Angeles area companies in late June, Gamemine, and BlockFraud, has been solved by Dan Primack of Axios. According to Primack, Gamemine's $20M investment round was actually self funded by CEO Daniel Starr, with family and friends. It also appears that Starr is also the investor behind Los Angeles-based BlockFraud. A number of Los Angeles area insiders were attempting to figure out what the mysterious "Palisades Venture Capital Group" was from. There is an existing, unrelated Palisades Venture Capital, which now goes by Palisades Growth Capital. The "new" Palisades Venture Capital, which is actually GameMine's CEO, Daniel Starr (and partners), had posted a mysterious website which was plagiarized from the existing website of Spark Capital. (According to a representative to Gamemine, Palisades is made up of "Daniel Starr, Flaviu Rus and 11 other high net worth lending partners" and that the website "was clearly an error and has been updated last week").