Nexus eWater Gets $2.1M For Water, Energy Recycling Device

Nexus eWater, a startup that has developed a device that recycles both residential water and energy, said today that it has raised $2.1M in a Series A funding round--and is taking aim at California's continuing, severe drought. The company--which has offices in Lancaster, but is based in Australia--has created a device which takes greywater from homes, and both cleans that water for use in irrigation and captures heat from that water.

Nexus eWater said the funding came from ANU Connect Ventures, the Sydney Angels, the Sydney SideCar Fund, along with Thomas Reeves Hitcher, former Genreal Partner of QuestMark Partners. The company said its device reduce in-home water uage by 40%, and reduces a home's electric energy usage by 10-20%, in part by harvesting heat from that grey water--the water usually lost to a sewer from sinks and tubs. The company says it it has already been installing its systems in pilot installs in Los Angeles and Pomona, including at the KB Home Double ZeroHouses in Lancaster and El Dorado Hills. (Photo: the company's systems in Lancaster)