Movie Hackathon Combines Film, Technology, Prizes

In the latest "hackathon" to hit Southern California, the Film Independent Forum has just announced a new Movie Hackathon, hosted by Zach James' ZEFR, which will look to spur programmers to create new, engagement experiences and tools for filmmakers and film lovers. The group is hosting an all night hackathon starting Friday, October 19th which will put up to fifty programmers against each other to create new web, mobile, or desktop apps on the theme of film and technology. The group is offering up a $2500 first prize, $1500 second prize, and $500 third prize for entries in the hackathon. ZEFR is the online media startup which runs, and recently expanded into sports and other content. The theme of launching local hackathons to bring innovative programmers out of the woodwork has been popular lately in the area, with recent competitions hosted or planned by AT&T;; the Silicon Beach Fest; and others.