Los Angeles Companies Continue To Dominate Top YouTube Channels

The latest ranking of the top, YouTube Partner Channels from internet measurement firm comScore shows that the entire segment continues to be dominated by Los Angeles companies, with the region holding six of the top slots in the list. The August 2012 ranking by comScore ranks Machinima at number three on YouTube, with 21.8M unique viewers; number four is Maker Studios, with 20.9M uniques; fifth is FullScreen, with 18.9M uniques; eight is Big Frame with 8.4M uniques, and MOVIECLIPS at number 10 with 6.8M unique viewers during August. The top Youtube channel continues to be VEVO, the music video joint venture of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media at the top, with 47.9M total unique viewers during August--and which also has operations here.