LAUNCH Fund Looks To Invest $200K In Startups

The LAUNCH Fund, the angel investment fund of Los Angeles angel and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, is looking to invest $200,000 in startups who present at two of the events being run by Calacanis over the next couple of months, according to an announcement by Calacanis Tuesday. According to Calacanis, his angel fund will be investing up to $100k in the winners of the LAUNCH Hackathon and up to $100k in one of the presenters at the LAUNCH Mobile & Wearables event, two events Calacanis is organizing in San Francisco later this year. The LAUNCH Mobile conference is being held from September 30th to October 1st, and the LAUNCH Hackathon developer conference is November 8-10th. Calacanis is one of Southern California's more active, and visible, angel investors.