Kairos Venture Partners Raises $74.6M In New Fund

Beverly Hills-based Kairos Venture Partners, a venture capital investment firm that specifically focuses on commercialization of scientific discoveries, has raised $74.6M as part of an ongoing fundraising effort for its second fund, Kairos Venture Partners II, LP. The funding was disclosed via a regulatory filing. That filing says that Kairos Venture Partners is targeting a total of $150M in the new fund, which so far has 47 Limited Partners. Kairos says it makes investments of between $150,000 and $5 Million. The firm's founder and Managing Partner is Jim Demetriades, an entrepreneur who founded SeeBeyond, took public, and which he sold to Sun Microsystems in 2005. Southern California, and in particular, Los Angeles, has been seeing an unprecedented surge in availability of venture capital in the last year, with many large, new funds and new venture capital firms.