JibJab's StoryBots Takes On Kids' Entertainment

What do you get when you take the creative minds behind, the Venice-based online humor content developers--known for its hilarious videos of everything from politics to everyday life--and apply that to kids entertainment? You get Storybots, a brand new, online service with the sensibility of JibJab's comedic content cross pollinated with kids educational entertainment.

Evan and Gregg Spiradellis, the brothers behind JibJab, announced their new kids' video service Thursday, saying that the new brand will provide entertaining online kids videos, worksheets, and personalized videos for kids, all based on the technology perfected by JibJab in its electronic greetings card business. JibJab, which leapt onto the scene during the with their 2004 political videos "This Land", has since created a business around humorous electronic greeting cards, complete with personalized videos which insert a user's face directly into the content. Storybots is launching with a series of funny videos around the letters of the alphabet, and will be introducing personalized storybooks on the iPad, kids songs which insert a child's face into the storyline, and more. The Spiradellis brothers said at the Silicon Beach @ USC Conference Thursday that the new service was inspired by their life and experience as parents.