Insights and Opinions: Why You Need to Ring the Freaking Cash Register

Story by Mark Suster


Think that the only metric that matters nowdays is the number of users you have or downloads of your mobile app? Mark Suster, venture capitalist at Upfront Ventures, and a widely followed blogger, disagrees, in our latest Insights and Opinions post--where he argues that you still need to make money as a startup.

I work with a lot of startups. I start to notice when bad behavior creeps into the system as a whole. I have seen much of that behavior over the past 2 years get worse.

Nobody seems to want to make money any more. I remember just a decade ago in 2003 when we all laughed at how dumb people in the 90′s were talking about the race to “capture as many eyeballs as possible” before your competition. You would figure out how to monetize later.

I say ring the freaking cash register. I have said so for years. (Continued...)

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