Hulu's Hu: For Viewers With The Attention Span Of Goldfish

Los Angeles-based streaming television service Hulu is up to its usual tricks for this time of year, and said on Friday that it has launched a brand new service called Hu, which it says condenses the entire episode of popular series into eight seconds or less, and lets viewers "stream entire seasons" of popular TV shows in "under five minutes." Hulu has rolled out versions of Seinfeld, Empire, The Mindy Project, Shut Eye and The Path as part of the new "service". Hulu explained that "recent scientific research that proves that there is too much TV these days, and people generally lose concentration after eight seconds - just like goldfish." The new service joins such Hulu services as HuluDatr, and the 1996 version of Hulu. Hulu's slick Hu roll, courtesy Hulu, embedded below.