Google Follows MP3tunes With Music Locker Service

Mountain View-based Google has followed the lead of San Diego-based MP3tunes, and debuted its own "music locker" service today at its Google I/O developer conference. Google's new "Music Beta by Google" is only available to a limited number of customers, however, will allow users to store up to 20,000 songs "in the cloud", streaming those tunes to Android phones or PCs. The service is a direct competitor to MP3tunes, which offers its own, streaming "music locker" service. The new Google service is the second, major service to enter MP3Tunes market in recent months; just a couple of months ago, launched its own, competing music locker service, Amazon Cloud Drive, offering similar functionality. MP3Tunes--one of the many companies founded by Michael Robertson, who was founder of been around since 2005.