GE Spins Out New Startup, Menlo Micro, In Irvine, With $18.7M In Funding

GE Ventures, the venture capital arm of GE, says it has spun out a new startup in Irvine called Menlo Micro. The spinout of GE's Global Research Center is focused on electronic switching technology. As part of the spinout, Menlo Micro has raised $18.7M in a funding round, which came from Microsemi, Corning, Paladin Capital Group, and GE Ventures. Menlo Micro will be led by CEO Russ Garcia. The company said it is using advanced material science to offer up power handling in the kilowatts range, and superior electrical performance in a micromechanical device which it says has the size, speed, cost and reliability of a solid-state device. The new device is aimed at us in the DC, AC and RF area for such applications as battery management, home-automation, electric vehicles, medical instrumentation, and wireless base stations.