TrueCar Launches Further Outreach To Auto Dealers

Santa Monica-based TrueCar is continuing its outreach to car dealers--looking to patch up what had been a fairly contentious relationship with both dealers who list and do not list automobiles on its site--saying it is releasing an updated "Dealer Pledge". TrueCar said it will be showing off the pledge at the upcoming 2017 NADA automobile convention, saying the effort reflects a "commitment to operate a transparent, balanced marketplace that benefits both consumers and dealers." TrueCar has been looking to address dealer concerns via the pledge since March of 2016, following the resignation of former CEO Scott Painter and the hiring of many dealership and industry veterans--specifically to address concerns from dealers that TrueCar's business was damaging their margins and hurting their business. TrueCar said the changes being rolled out at the upcoming conference includes features to "help dealers maximize volume and profitability."