FIM, Break Rank In Top Video Properties, Hulu Tops Video Ads

Fox Interactive Media and Break Media both ranked highly in comScore's August 2010 list of top U.S. Online Video Properties, although both were dwarfed by Google's continued dominance of online video via YouTube. According to the latest numbers, Fox Interactive Media had 43.1M total unique viewers, and 153.9M viewing sessions, with an average of 13.1 minutes watched per viewer, and Break Media had 42.4M unique viewers, and 167.0M viewing sessions, and 25.9 minutes watched per viewer. In comparison, Google's sites reach 146.2M unique viewers, who are watching videos on YouTube for 269.5 minutes watched per viewer.

In the same report, comScore also reported the top 10 video ad properties, based on video ads viewed, saying that Hulu now leads in the number of video ads viewed and video ad impressions, serving up 789.8M video ads, with a frequency of about 30.2 video ads per viewer a month.