Docstoc Swizzles Site, Sharpens Focus On Premium Content

In a move to make things easier to find on the site, Santa Monica-based Docstoc launched a major redesign Tuesday, swizzling the navigation of the site to better highlight the company's move to provide premium business documents and information to small and medium sized businesses. The move comes after the startup--led by Jason Nazar--has increasingly focused its efforts on small and medium sized business owners, and providing tools, content, and more via subscription to those business owners. The new site now includes a wealth of content discovery tools, which make it easier for people to find specific documents, videos, and tutorials that are relevant to users, rather than having to search through the huge library of content available through Docstoc's site. Those tools include step-by-step walkthroughs of things like how to start a business, with links to different stages of a company's life (planning, raising money, hiring employees, etc.) and the documents, business courses, and other tools relevant to those stages.