DIRECTV, Panasonic Fund 3D Films

El Segundo-based satellite TV operator DIRECTV and consumer electronics firm Panasonic said Tuesday that the two will be funding six 3D films, as part of an effort to train filmmakers on 3D equipment. According to the two, they will fund six filmmakers, plus award several prizes, as part of its 2011 DIRECTV n3D Film Invitational presented by Panasonic. The companies said they will provide filmmakers with Panasonic 3D cameras, 3D monitors, storage, access to DIRECTV's post production facilities, as well as an unspecified production budget in the effort. Those efforts are all tied to DIRECTV's n3D, 3D channel. The winner of the best film will win $25,000. Apparently, the companies have already selected the filmmakers based on input from their programming partners.