Demand Media Launches New Content Channels

Santa Monica-based Demand Media announced Thursday that it has launched a new product, called Content Channels. According to Demand, the new product is aimed at online publishers, and will provide them with original content focused on attracting readers. According to Demand, it is providing the service to both Hearst and USA Today. The new offering takes Demand's sometime controversial process of tailoring web content based on search and other interest of web users, and creating low-cost articles specifically to address that content. Demand said the product will provide publishers with articles and video without those publishers having to expend significant editorial, product, or technical effort. Hearst is using Demand's new offering for two sites, and, with the Houston Chronicle's providing additional business news coverage, articles, and videos. The San Francisco Chronicle's is providing information in its "Home Guides" section. Pricing on the new product from Demand was not announced, but the firm said the product is licensed under a revenue sharing agreement.