Bombd Sets Up Shop In Venice, Aims At Social Networking

Bombd, a startup which develops a social networking and messaging app revolving around sharing instant photos with others, has set up shop in Venice Beach. The startup--originally started in Australia--said its team and founders have moved to Venice Beach to scale the app in the U.S., and that it has begun hiring a team here. Bombd's social networking app lets users send a request to their friends for a 7-second countdown to a picture, which is sent to the requester, and which only lasts for three hours. The startup says it is looking for "unedited, unfiltered, real-time photographic content" in its app. The company says it is backed by angel investors, and has raised $1.5M in total, valuing the company at $10M; the company is apparently currently talking with venture investors both locally and in Silicon Valley about a new funding round. Bombd's social networking app works on both iOS and Android.