Beachmint, PandoDaily Battle Over Story

It looks like the battle between Los Angeles e-commerce startup Beachmint and technology blog PandoDaily is flaring up into a major firestorm, over the accuracy of a story posted a couple of weeks ago by the tech blog. The blog had run a story a couple of weeks ago saying that Beachmint had returned money to its investors and ejected its founders, a story which was vehementaly denied by the company.

According to the LA Times, the two are now in a "bitter fued", with Beachmint demanding a formal retraction of the story--and considering a lawsuit--after the PandoDaily hedged its coverage, and refused to retract and correct the story to the satisfaction of Beachmint. This isn't the first time Beachmint has clashed with PandoDaily; the two also had clashed over coverage of a restructuring of Beachmint in March.