Atom Tickets Promotes New Gore Film, An Inconvenient Sequel

Los Angeles-based mobile ticketing firm Atom Tickets said this morning that it is teaming up with Paramount Pictures and Participant Media, to offer up its users a chance to see the new Al Gore film, "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power", at special public screenings. According to Atom Tickets, those screenings will feature a Q&A with former Vice President Al Gore about the state of the climate crisis, in addition to showing his new film. Atom Tickets said the film will premiere the film in Los Angeles/Southern California, Atlanta, and Nashville. Gore's new film is a sequel to his earlier documentary about climate change, and talks about the current state of the climate crisis and how people are responding to climate change. The film is part of an effort by former Vice President Gore to empower climate activists and influence international climate policy.